Is your work for sale?

Yes. Everything on my website is for sale.  If you see a photo of something you love, and it's not available, I can re-make it for you.  I also make private commissions. If you are interested in commissioning a handmade doll please do email me for details. 

Do you make the same piece more than once?

No. Each doll can be similar, but as it's handmade, no doll looks exactly the same as another.  Some fabrics and trims I use are vintage, and I only have small supplies of each.

How is the cost of each piece worked out?

Each piece is priced individually depending on its size and the time spent making it.

Please see below for an approximate pricing guide in New Zealand Dollars:

Tiny Dolls:   (17cm) $49.

Medium Dolls:  (42cm) $175.

Large Man Dolls:  (62-64cm) $240.

I can make bigger than 62-64cm at the customer's request.  

Can I order or ask for custom/commission doll?

Yes. Please contact me via the form on the Contact page to discuss your requirements.

How is the doll shipped?

Dolls purchased directly from Fabric Tots are carefully packed and shipped via reputable couriers. Shipping costs will be presented on Checkout.

Items delivered outside of New Zealand could be subject to import duties and taxes. These are charged at destination and are the responsibility of the individual receiving the goods. Please contact your local customs office for further details before ordering if you are concerned.

How long does each piece take you?

It depends on the piece. Some of the smaller dolls can take a couple of hours, the large dolls I can complete in a couple of days.

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